An oral biopsy helps your dentist detect, and ultimately treat, oral cancer and other diseases as early as possible.

11890 Hwy 707
11890 Hwy 707

What is an Oral Biopsy?

A tissue or bone biopsy may be necessary to assess for dental or non-dental pathology.

Why Would I Need an Oral Biopsy?

If during your oral examination, your dentist finds abnormalities or signs of disease in your mouth, lips, tongue, or throat, your dentist may choose to perform an oral biopsy. A biopsy helps your dentist be proactive in taking care of your oral health and can detect oral cancer or other issues and determine if lesions are cancer or benign (noncancerous).

Types of Biopsies

There are two types of oral biopsies that your dentist may use to assess and diagnose an abnormality:

Incisional biopsy

A piece of tissue from the lesion is removed along with a healthy piece of tissue from another nearby area of your mouth. The two pieces are then compared.

Excisional biopsy

Unlike an incisional biopsy, an excisional biopsy removes the entire lesion. Dentists typically opt for this method with small growths in easy-to-access areas of the mouth.

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